Muslim Community Center for Human Services

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MCCHS Reaches Out to Refugees

Nuha Almakhzoumi, MBA

MCCHS is the only charitable organization from the Dallas Fort Worth Muslim Community that provides both medical and social services. MCCHS has a bi-lingual staff that is able to offer appropriate medical and social services to the newly arrived Iraqi Refugees. To date, MCCHS has assisted a total of 68 families.

Mr. A
became blind as a result of a bomb blast during the Iraq war. He is a newly arrived refugee from Iraq. Before he received his Medicaid, he came to Alshifa clinic where he received free medical care. MCC’s outreach coordinator was able to communicate with him in Arabic. She helped him get his ID, Medicaid, SSI and he was provided transportation to go to Friday prayers and everyday life activities such as buying groceries, go the doctor etc. He has been provided with many goods through our refugee outreach services (blankets, clothing, and Social security application assistance)

Ms. F
was in an accident in which she lost her sister, and became paralyzed. Her husband is still missing. She has three children ages 17, 15 and 10 years old. She is newly arrived refugee from Iraq; she has received free
Medical and social services from MCC.

Mr. J
unable to speak English; has received refugee services from MCCHS (clothing, microwaves, vacuum, blankets etc).
Thanks to generous donations and community support, MCC
continues to work with refugees to provide the assistance they need.

February 2009 - Aftab Siddiqui

MCCHS has served refugees from Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, and Burma and now we are serving newly arrived refugees from Iraq. We have been providing services to twenty six Iraqi families and are looking after their financial, physical, and mental needs and are providing moral support to facilitate their transition to their new country. MCC has a distinct advantage over other agencies as we have employees and volunteers who speak different languages including Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi. We also have knowledge and information about the cultural and religious traditions of these refugees. Consequently, we have been able to form a relationship of trust with the
Iraqi refugee families.

Currently, MCC is providing the following services:

  1. Assessment of needs of each family.

  2. Providing transport to and fro to different offices, clinics, and grocery stores.

  3. Providing translation at various locations like doctor visit, grocery store.

  4. Providing healthcare at our free clinic to those who have not been provided medical assistance as yet.

  5. Helping and guiding in searching for jobs and so far have managed to secure employment to two refugees.

  6. Educating the refugee families about domestic violence and abuse through the Roshni Program of MCCHS.

  7. Working to provide free breast cancer screening for the largest possible number of refugee females.

  8. Providing Zabiha/Halal meat.

  9. Providing house hold items including microwave ovens, kitchenware.

  10. Helping in rent and utilities.

  11. Providing clothing including clothes suitable for winter weather.

  12. Helping with English lessons In our work with these refugees, we found that these families need help and encouragement to engage in their new society instead of isolating themselves. MCCHS is willing to share its expertise with other agencies and individuals and is working with local refugee agencies. Currently, MCCHS is spearheading a joint effort with local Masajids to help settle these refugees. The organization is thankful to all Masajids in Tarrant County especially, Al-Hedayah and ISAT, Arlington in this effort.