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Tuesday November 6th 2007

MCC Hosts International Physicians and Health Professionals

At the request of US state department through Cancer Society of Dallas, MCC hosted a brief program on Tuesday November 6th 2007, 4-5:30pm. Seventeen physicians and health care professionals from different parts of Middle East attended the program. Dr. Basheer Ahmed, Mrs. Saliha Haleem, Ms. Talaun Thompson, Ms. Nuha and Mrs. Asli Parker greeted the visitors on behalf of MCC. The following visitors participated in the program:

Dr. Arafa AHMED – DIR. Residency Program, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain

Dr. Sara AL REEFY – Senior Registrar Surgery, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain

Ms. Nevin TORKY – Program Coordinator, Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt, Egypt

Ms. Lina NAJJAR – Coordinator, Comprehensive Breast Care Clinic, Israel

Ms. Amira OSMAN – Breast Cancer Awareness Project, Galilee Society, Israel

Dr. Muna HADDAD – Family Physician, Univ. of Science and Technology, Jordan

 Ms. Riwa AL ATRASH – Producer, Health Segment, Alam Al Sabah, Future TV,


Dr. Wiam AL ASHEK –Department of Family Medicine, Al Fatah Univ., Libya

 Dr. Farida AFKARI – Secretary General, Pan-African Organization Against AIDS, Morocco

 Dr. Hanan EL KACEMI – Radiotherapy-Oncology, National Institute of Oncology, Morocco

 Ms. Jamila AL QASMI – Member, National Association for Cancer Awareness, Oman

 Ms. Rabha AL SULAIMANI – Natl. Asso. For Cancer Awareness, Ministry of Health, Oman

 Ms. Loulwah ALDOKHAIYEL – Riyadh Breast Cancer Committee, Saudi Arabia

Ms. Fatimah ALQARZAEE –VP Qaseem Breast Cancer Comm. Health College for Girls, S. Arabia

Ms. Lamya ALHUSSARI – Founder & Member, Syrian Society for Breast Cancer Protection, Syria

Dr. May AL MAHAYNI – Founder, Syrian Breast Cancer Protection Society. Syria

Ms. Dima Nabeel HUSIENI – Radiation Therapist, Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem, West Bank

Dr. Ahmed and members of the Board and staff presented programs and activities of MCC and Human Services, specially focusing on breast cancer education programs, focusing on Muslim immigrant community residing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The major goal of MCC is to reach all adult women from Middle-East, Somalia, and South East Asia to have early screening of breast cancer by having periodic mammograms. Educational programs are offered on monthly basis at different mosques, Islamic centers and housing projects giving information about the early detection of the cancer and importance of regular mammograms. Free mammograms are arranged for individuals who have no insurance coverage or are unable to afford the payment for the mammogram. Presentation was followed by question-answer session and socialization with brief reception.

Dr. Ahmed and MCC Board Members with International Physicians and Health Professionals from Middle East

Tuesday November 6th 2007

Muslim Community Center Participated in International Visitors Leadership Program


The U.S. state department arranged international Muslim leaders to visit U.S. to show the U.S. religious and ethnic minority group function in this country and explore the role of faith based groups in American civic and community life. MCC was selected for presentation of their programs and projects to the visiting guests on August 14th 2007

Dr. Ahmed arranged the presentation about MCC programs and projects and invited the MCC board members, Imam Yousef Z. Kavakci, Imam Mujahid Bakkach and some Muslim community leaders. The following international visitors participated in the program.

Mr. Aziz Alili

Imam Islamic Center, Zagreb


Ms Lamya Kaddor

Asst. Prof Islamic Religious Studies, Uni. Of Muenster


Ms. Reim Spielhaus

Board member Muslim Academy, Berlin


Mr. Khalide Ibramhim

Middle East affairs officer, Dublin


Mr. E. Gokcekuyu

Communication Manager, Breda


Mr. Muurat Iusuf

Mufti, Muslim Community , Constanta


Dr. Hans A. Carlbom

Lecturer, Health and soceitt, Malmo


Sheikh M.M. Toulba

Imam, S. Whales Islamic Center, Cardif

United Kingdom

Dr. Ahmed made a brief presentation about establishment of Muslim Community Center providing medical and social services to the community. He emphasizes the positive relationship between Islamic center of Dallas Fort-Worth area and MCC.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion about the various issues Muslim Community is facing in the U.S. Imam Kavakci, Bakkach and the community leaders answered many questions. The visiting leaders shared some unique problems Muslim community is facing in Europe. Everybody emphasized on the need of assimilation of immigrant population while maintaining the cultural and religious uniqueness.

International Visitor Leadership Program August 14th 2007

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