Medical Services


Medical Services.


First Muslim Charitable Medical Clinic in Texas

Dr Mariam Razi M.D, Internist-Medical Director. 

In the United States, 50 million Americans do not have health insurance. Twenty-five percent of Texas residents are neither covered under any insurance plan nor eligible for public medical services. Unfortunately, people without health insurance are sicker and die at a relatively young age. The Al-Shifa Clinic was opened in October 1998 to provide culturally appropriate primary care to medically underserved populations and visitors from overseas without insurance coverage. The clinic treats diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and minor infections. If these problems are not treated at an early stage, they may lead to more serious problems such as heart disease, stroke, or kidney failure, which can result in more serious consequences. All surgical and complicated medical cases are referred to public hospitals in this area. Voluntary physicians come on rotation on Saturdays and a part time physician sees patients twice a week.

Some cardiologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists and ObGyn’s see patients for free consultation in their own offices when referred by Al-Shifa.. Foreign medical graduates applying for residency program also attend the clinic as “observers” and work under supervision of the attending physicians. Al-Shifa clinic serves 1200 -1500 patients in year irrespective of ethnicity, religion, color or country of origin. Clinic provides Medical checkup, Diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease ,thyroid and other medical problems, lab work and medication prescriptions.For Further INFORMATION & APPOINTMENTS, Please Contact:  

        (817) 589 – 9165 

Dr Mariam Razi M.D, Internist-Medical Director.

Dr. Basheer and Siraj Hussain with volunteer physicians from Tarrant County Medical Society and Al-Shifa Clinic’s volunteers.

Alshifa Waiting room.

Mental Health Clinic

The first Muslim Charitable Mental health services were established in Texas at Al-Shifa clinic by Dr. Basheer Ahmed in 1998. Dr Wasiq Zaidi is the current director of mental health services.

Incidents of mental health issues are high among immigrants and there are very few charitable clinics offering mental health services. The Clinic is staffed by the volunteer psychiatrist and counselors, offers treatment for depression and stress related anxiety. Patients with more serious mental disorders are referred to local public mental health clinics for more appropriate treatment therapies. A licensed Social worker and volunteer therapists provide counselling services to patients with anxiety disorders, Marital problems, victims of domestic violence and other mental health issues.

For Further INFORMATION & APPOINTMENTS, Please Contact:           (817) 589 – 9165 

Tahira Begum Dental Clinic

The Tahira Begum Dental Clinic was opened after getting a generous donation of equipment by a retired dentist Dr. Roach. The Tahira Begum trust assumed the financial responsibility for all of the operational expenses. The dental clinic provides general dentistry services including dental checkup x-ray, cleaning, filling, and extractions. A volunteer dentist and a volunteer dental hygienist comprise the clinic staff.

All these services are provided for the nominal charges

For Further INFORMATION & APPOINTMENTS, Please Contact:

(817) 589 – 9165

Dr. and Mrs. Quraishi with Dr. and Mrs. Roach at the Dental Clinic


Patients in need of eye examinations are seen at our monthly Eye Clinic which was opened in 2010 after receiving donation of Equipment. An optometrist performs an eye screening exam, screen for conditions that affect eyesight like cataract, glaucoma and diabetes. Prescription for corrective lens is provided when indicated. Once a month an area volunteer ophthalmologist provides free consultation and treatment to indigent patients referred from the AlShifa clinic.   Many Al Shifa clinic patients are diabetic and need periodic checkup. We are currently exploring grant funding from Alcon Foundation to improve services.

For Further INFORMATION & APPOINTMENTS, Please Contact:

(817) 589 – 9165 

                       Eye Clinic- MCC                            

We treat them with goodness and grace!