MCC Outreach Program

Nuha Al Makhzumi, M.A. Coordinator

MCC outreach program provides direct services to refugees, assist clients and provides educational programs.

Refugee Program:

This education program focuses on how to bridge the gap between two cultures. Assist in obtaining medical care at Al-Shifa clinic or public hospital. Help in applying for Medicaid and getting food stamps as needed. Assist refugees and immigrants in hospitals having difficulties due to cultural and language problems. The program focuses on several topics including Empathy, Feelings & Needs, Behavior, Discipline & Values, Safety, Stress & Anger. The coordinator and the volunteers speak many languages.


Several years after the refugees arrived and the children grew up, we started to see the gap between parents and children appear and cause problems, This led us to consider starting an awareness program for parents in 2016 .As a result of this program, we received calls from various institutions like Child Protective Services and Catholic Charities.

Diabetes Educational Program:

Participants reduce their body weight by the end of the course. Participants increase their physical activity levels to 150 minutes a week of brisk exercise such as fast walking or jogging or other types of cardio (basketball, soccer, swimming, etc.) How to build healthy eating habits.

Breast Cancer Awareness Program:

Educates women about the knowledge of disease and importance of mammogram screening. Causes of cancer, risk factors of breast cancer, types of breast cancer, stages of breast cancer, myths about breast cancer, how to reduce the risk factors, methods of detection, treatment. Mammogram screening program is arranged quarterly with Harris Methodist hospital breast cancer program.

Domestic Violence – Case Management:

Will provide an appointment with a psychiatrist or counselors, transportation, home visits, parenting, immigration assistance, legal assistance, crime victim compensation, foster parenting and translation. Women support groups aim to encourage women to cope with violence build self-confidence to become independent.

Health Fairs

Health Fairs are arranged to screen the physical condition, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and referring the patients for services if needed.

Educational Program:

MCC organizes several educational programs at community centers on domestic violence, child abuse and foster parenting and breast cancer education.

For Further INFORMATION & APPOINTMENTS, Please Contact:   

        (817) 589 – 9165 

Nuha Almakhzoumi /MBA/MLS/PLC/CVC

I hold a master’s degree in business administration, I hold a degree in medical laboratories

I was the international visitor for the United States of America in 2004, professional life coach Diploma. certifies as crime victim compensation, I started working at the Muslim Community Center for Human Services in 2007 as outreach coordinator ,and now Program Coordinator /Case Worker

I work on eight Programs- the Domestic Violence Program, Women’s Health Program , Diabetic Program, Social service program, women Support Group ,Refugee Program, Education Program, Parenting Program

We treat them with goodness and grace!