Our History

My Inspiration to Establish MCC

Dr. Basheer Ahmed

It was in the summer of 1995 when I received a call from Catholic Charities regarding the newly arrived Muslim refugees from Bosnia who needed information regarding places to worship and availability of halal food. They tried to get the information from local mosques but they did not get any response. During the early 1990’s, there were only a few mosques in this area who were struggling to build an appropriate place of worship and paying attention to teachings of Quran and Islam. I was aware that Dallas Fort Worth did not have any social service organizations to deal with the issues confronting newly arrived Muslim refugees and immigrants. I had met some of the refugees and realized that they do need help on multiple issues and had difficulty in accessing services available due to religious, cultural and language difficulties. I was also aware that other religious entities have established well functioning social service organizations such as Catholic Charities and Jewish Family Services.

I called a meeting of local Muslim community leaders and 35 individuals responded to my call including religious leaders, physicians, businessmen and social activists. They all accepted that we need to establish an organization to assist Muslim refugees and immigrants who have difficulty in accessing these services due to financial reasons and cultural language difficulties. Soon thereafter, the Muslim Community Center for Human Services (MCC) was established to provide the necessary services. Initially, MCC provided services to Muslim minorities but in 2004 MCC opened its door to everybody irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity or country of origin. MCC is the first organization established in Texas which offers both medical and social services to the needy community. During the past 20 years, some medical clinics were established in the Dallas area but MCC is still the only organization which provides the medical, dental, mental health and social services under one umbrella.

The only requirement of service has been that a need existed that an individual or family could not afford. We saw it as our mission to meet that need, helping others that did not have the means to help themselves or those that they loved.

Today, the Muslim Community Center for Human Services meets the healthcare needs of the indigent DFW community and has continued to meet the needs of people- refugees and those born in America, including people of many ethnicities and backgrounds.


The primary source of funding is from donors in our community. However we also receive funding from different governmental sources and private foundations. Over the last two decades, MCC has received between $5,000 to $10,000 per year in funding from the following sources:

Federal Grant for victims of violence,

State of Texas grant for victims of violence,

Consortium of Hospitals grant for providing medical services,

Meadows Foundation grant for hiring an executive director

Islamic Relief for domestic violence education,  

Susan G. Komen for breast cancer screening and education,

Baitulmal Foundation for general support.

Communities Foundation of TX  

Sid W. Richardson Foundation  

TX Health Resources Foundation,

Medtronic grant for medical services,

National Association of Free Clinics

CVS diabetes education grant



We treat them with goodness and grace!