we exist?

During the past quarter century the Muslim Community Center for Human Services has sought to make the world a better place to live for people by ensuring that many of their basic health and dental care needs are met at affordable prices.

We believe that wellness is a fundamental right in today’s world. People who experience quality health and dental care are able to create and contribute to quality communities in which children, the young and the elderly grow and prosper without having to worry about sickness and disease.

We believe that compassion for others is crucial in today’s world.

There is a relationship among all of us, whether we are scientists or soldiers, brick masons or astronauts, farmers or pharmacists.


Where we can as people, we must stand for and with one another.

That is what MCC has attempted to do during the twenty-five years that it has existed.

We have attempted to repair the breach, and we look forward to expanding our role during the next twenty-five years that await us.